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Side by side,

On a computer screen, delayed laughs and fuzzy faces,

Your beard has grown,

Darling, it’s far, farther than we thought,

The days, the distance and your beard have grown,

But on this computer screen, we’re side by side

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L.O.D. The Red River

The Red River is an up and coming new indie-pop octet from Portland, OR. They recently played here in Savannah with General Ogelthorpe and the Panhandlers. They are currently on their first tour and stayed at our place while they were in town. After the eight of them miraculously whipped up a delicious pasta dinner my roommates and I decided them to show them a bit of Savannah nightlife as a token of our appreciation. Our night started, continued and ended at the sketchy Pinkie Masters on Drayton. P.B.R., laughs and good music filled the place up with an overwhelming feeling of happiness and honestly, I have to say it was one of the best nights I’ve had since being down here. The point is, everyone get their debut album “Little Songs About the Big Picture”. After I had about 15 P.B.R’s I decided to buy it and it wasn’t until today that I finally remembered I got it. I’ve listened to it three times since and I can’t get over how honest, quiet, nostalgic and achy it makes me feel (in a good way).

“You wrote poems about god and lighters

and read them to me in all-night diners

and I never saw a heart beat kinder

when you stood on those dirty clothes”

The Red River: “Dirty Dave” from Little Stories about Big Pictures

L.O.D Kid Cudi

I know Kid Cudi has a new album out, but I really love his song from Man on the Moon titled, “Cudi Zone”. Like a true pessimist, I generally assume that something must be wrong if everything is going wonderfully. Case in point: I was at Publix and was saw that cereal was “Two for One”. My soaring hopes were quickly incinerated when the only cereal left was generic Raisin Bran. Fuckers.

“I’m soarin’

Is this allowed?”

Kid Cudi: “Cudi Zone” from Man on the Moon


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I can’t help myself – L.O.D. The Velvet Underground

“If I could make the world as pure and strange as what I see,
I’d put you in the mirror,
I put in front of me.”

The Velvet Underground: “Pale Blue Eyes” from the Velvet Underground


…Hey, at least it has me blogging again…

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L.O.D. Joe Purdy

“And I dropped my paintbrush in the dirt,

Still remember just how much it hurt”

Joe Purdy: “Just Can’t Seem to Get it Right Today” from Grey’s Anatomy Soundtrack

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L.O.D. Animal Collective

“You know those red moments where it’s thin

Like, pretty early on”

Animal Collective: “Bleed” from Fall Be Kind EP

…Oh, fuck it, I can’t help but adding another Animal Collective tune.

“I was dreaming of just you,

now our cereal, it is warm.”

Animal Collective: “Fireworks” from Strawberry Jam

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Lyrics of the day

Sometimes I honestly feel as though I have nothing profound to write about. Just from the gaps in posts on this blog, it’s pretty obvious that I actually have nothing worthwhile to talk about. It’s not that I have nothing worth blogging about, I just am never really sure if the two to three people who read this will care about what I have to say. So, I decided that instead of blogging nothing I will start just doing a “Lyrics of the Day”. A lot of people do “Songs of the Day” or “Songs of the Week” but I wanted to kind of take that one step further and include a line or two of lyrics that really made me wish I still had an AIM account so I could them on my away message, emo-style.

It’s probably lame but, hey, aren’t most blogs pretty lame?

So, here it is, the inaugural “Lyric of the Day”…

“Only hold ’til your coffee warms

But don’t hurry and speed

Once a time put a tongue in your ear on the beach

And you clutched clinging heels”

Bon Iver: “Beach Baby” from Blood Bank EP.