About Me

I am an aspiring copywriter. As long as we’re talking about aspirations I should mention that I one day hope to dance with rhythm, eat a chestnut and learn how to swim. I am, however, currently proficient at awkwardly riding my bike and winning consecutive games of Rummy 500.

If you want to chat about wine, “Arrested Development”, job opportunities or the meaning of life please contact me at parks.chelsea@gmail.com or cparks22@student.scad.edu


2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. JOCELYN says:

    This blog is now in my list of favorites as I promptly sent it out to the listserv of friends to enjoy as well. I look forward to many more blogs!

    Miss your guts!

  2. […] Chelsea Parks, you might just very well be our creative crusader. […]

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